Learn French Now

It takes all kinds, people. Here are my favorite resources to learn French. Try them all, find one you love, and have some fun on your way to speaking like a pro.


The best for beginners or anyone wary of language learning. The first few lessons are free, but you’re going to get addicted to playing the vocabulary mini games and leveling up so get ready to shell out the $4.99 for all 50 levels. It’s well worth it and a great base!

Love this one. Allows you to stream live French radio to your phone. I listen to it in while I’m getting ready in the morning or on my way home from work. Do I understand every word? No! But accents are all about exposure! Hearing as much  French from native speakers as possible has sharpened my ear, and ability to mimic.


By now everyone agrees this is the best free mobile app out there to learn a language, but personally, I prefer their desktop version. It has you type out full phrases instead of arranging blocks of words. Plus, I can get through twice as many lessons in the same amount of time that I spend giving myself sore thumbs on the app.

Well tested and approved by language learners everywhere! iTalki allows you to pair with language exchange partners, tutors or professional teachers across the globe for lessons via Skype. Scheduling and payment is handled through the site and your experience is guaranteed. It’s the most affordable and efficient way of becoming conversational in a second language.

Something I’m excited to try in 2016! Udemy is an online marketplace for classes in just about everything you can imagine. Their mission? To help anyone learn anything. I love that there are options for different prices, time commitments and interests. Two classes I’m excited to try out in particular:

French Tenses Simplified: Master the 10 Main Tenses Quickly! – $99
Learn to Speak: Conversational French – Full Course – SALE $24

This extension to your browser allows you to select which country your computer is viewed as coming from. Turn it on, select France, log in to Netflix and BAM! All videos available with French dubbed sound and/or French subtitles.


Coffee Break French
The best! Vraiment. It’s like taking a free semester of college French — but without all the dead weight. Beginner to Advanced classes are broken down into four seasons, letting you plug in to a level of your choosing rather than jumping around from episode to episode hoping you’ll find something appropriate to your level. Each season progresses with more advanced vocabulary, idioms and grammar — all while following a story line and characters. For deeper study, you can purchase the in-depth lessons online, or even participate in their subscription masterclass.

Books + Movies

Too many wonderful options in different genres to squeeze in here! Instead, I’ve compiled My French Learning Library on a separate page.