Celebrities Speaking French: Bradley Cooper

Yes! Because it’s my day off work and so far all I’ve done is eat breakfast in bed and watch this interview — which for the record, is a very good way to start your day.

I’d be very curious to hear from native speakers just how fluent Bradley actually is. I understood most of this interview but not enough to evaluate his speaking. I did appreciate that he’d often have to have the question repeated or phrased another way before he was sure he understood. A good reminder that “fluency” is first and foremost about communicating, and that being humble and flexible are means to that end.

I’ve been trying to find articles that talk more in depth about his studies in French, without much luck. He says he spent a semester abroad in Aix-en-Provence and lived with a host family but I need to know more! How many years of French did he take before studying abroad? How has he managed to maintain fluency twenty years later? Does he still read books in French? How often does he practice it? DIS-MOI TOUS TES SECRETS, BRADLEY! And yes, I consider Bradley and I on an informal basis.

Okay, for now, I hope all of you enjoy:

And if you need evidence of Bradley’s time abroad, there’s also this blog post written by a woman who studied abroad in Aix with Bradley and has the photos to prove it!

À bientôt!