How To Watch Dubbed Movies Online

As a fair warning, this is not as simple as clicking a link that will take you to a database of dubbed movies. If anyone knows of that resource, PLEASE tell me! This takes a little bit of set-up and comes with some caveats but I think any language learner would be interested!

Step One: Download the Hola plug-in for your web browser. As anyone who has tried to stream content from their target language’s country has learned — the website will detect you are visiting from the US and deny streaming access for what is otherwise accessible content in France (or wherever else). This plug-in allows your computer to pretend like it is browsing from another country giving you access to all that content!

Caveat: Though Hola ensures that their service protects your privacy and security — it is not entirely undisputed. I opted for the $5 per month Premium version which keeps Hola from using my VPN as an exit node but feel free to do some research on what you feel comfortable with.

Step Two:
Click the Hola button in your browser, select your target language’s country, and visit a streaming site. When I first tried the French version of Netflix I was not sure it worked as there were so many American movies. Once I tried playing one I realized French audio and subtitles were available!

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 7.19.54 PM

Caveat: Again, Netflix is a paid subscription service — but don’t we all subscribe or share a subscription by now? For those wondering how Netflix feels about Hola there’s a post about it here. I’m also sure there are free French streaming sites available, but I was specifically looking for dubbed American movies that I was familiar with.

Step Three:
Enjoy having an excuse to lots and lots of movies and TV! Productively, of course. I set mine to French audio and subtitles to be fully immersed, but you could switch these up depending on your goals. Don’t forget to write down new vocabulary and phrases!

If you have other resources or tips for watching dubbed or original content online, leave a comment! Otherwise, happy watching 🙂

À plus tard,


One comment

  1. zipfslaw1 · February 28, 2016

    Thanks–I can’t wait to try this trick. Indeed, one of the great things about being in France is being able to get French subtitles on French movies on Netflix, and I miss that when I’m in the US. Here’s a blog post about a French movie web site that you might find useful, although I definitely don’t vouch for the quality of the offerings:


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