BuzzFeed: A Great Way To Learn A Language

It’s common knowledge that reading articles in your target language is good practice. For a long time though, I always associated this with newspapers and magazines. The problem? I rarely read newspapers and magazines in English! What I do read is a lot of silly stuff that comes up in my Facebook feed. Solution? Start reading all those silly things in French  — or whatever language you are learning.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 1.15.20 PM

How To Use BuzzFeed To Learn A Language:

At the top of Buzzfeed’s main page is a pull-down menu with the different countries they publish from. Select your country/language of choice and make it your homepage, or, click the “like” button for Facebook which will incorporate new stories into your feed. It’s a sure fire way to turn your daily procrastinating into a language learning opportunity!

Why This Works:

1. It’s usually pretty readable. Unlike serious news or magazine articles, the text in BuzzFeed articles is quick to read, and often colloquial. There are also pictures all throughout which keeps you interested and engaged, even if you don’t understand every word.

2. It introduces you to a wide variety of topics of interest in your target language. From Jake Gyllenhaal’s training routine for Southpaw, to hangover cures, to fifteen times Nicki Minaj was a feminist — it may not be the definitive guide to health or social issues but it sure can provide a fun introduction. Words I just learned from reading these articles:

  • to do crunches: faire des abdos
  • to do push-ups: faire des tractions
  • to hydrate: hydrater
  • sports drink: une boisson énergétique
  • sexism: le sexisme

3. Many articles include translations or have fully translated versions. For example, tweets in English are often embedded into articles with a French translation below:
Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 3.53.13 PM

Or, you can always search for the article’s English version. Here are the links to the English equivalents of the Southpaw training and the hangover cure articles. It may not always be a word for word translation, but if you can point out the differences, all the more power to you!

Happy reading to all and thank you BuzzFeed for your endlessly entertaining antics in many languages.

What other fun websites do you follow in French?

One comment

  1. zipfslaw1 · February 28, 2016

    OK–just for this post alone, I owe you one! Great find–thanks.


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