How To Get Out Of A Study Slump


It has indeed been weeks since I posted last and I am very sad to say I have gotten off track with my 12 Week Challenge! Zut! While I’ve still been loving my weekly French class and iTalki conversation lessons, I definitely have been a little more lax about using the rest of my week to cram in as much French as possible. Workbook review exercises here and there, passively watching French movies with English subtitles, and listening to the radio in French. Still, I think it’s important to address how this can (and will) happen as you’re learning a new language, and how to move on without beating yourself up.

For me, it’s really easy to feel overwhelmed with the idea that I should be catching up on ALL the things. But the best thing to do is to pick one thing (seriously, just one!) to pick back up with the next day. And then go from there. Moi? I want to input the vocabulary from my last two iTalki sessions onto Anki tomorrow. That’s it. There are other things I want to catch up on this week, but I’m just going to pick that one thing I can tangibly wrap my head around for now. Do that, and you’ll find your way.

Tomorrow night I have my French class and I’d like to start reporting on here what we’re working on so hopefully I’ll have another post up for you by Tuesday! Until then, I wanted to share an artist I’ve been listening to! Apparently this girl is only 18 and won France’s version of The Voice. In the states, this might put me off from giving it a listen but I heard her song on my French radio app a few times, looked her up, and found that her whole album is a good level of French for me to understand, while also enjoying the music enough.

So here is the song that I liked so much:

And another vide of the same song slowed down with lyrics:

I was very happy to hear the word “défoncer” which showed up in my workbook’s list of -cer verbs that add an circumflex accent to the c in present nous form (nous défonçons). I had added it to my Anki flashcards with the given translation in my book “to smash in.” You’ll imagine my surprise then when I double checked it today on google and this popped up:

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 10.25.04 PM

Ah! Quite different. I found a few other sources supporting this translation and am not quite sure what to think. It appears in the verse to describe their hearts as “défoncés.” Both smashed-in hearts and effed hearts hold a similar meaning, but of course, the connotation is quite different. Could one use “défoncé” in front of someone’s grandmother?

Report back if you know, mes chers! Until then, happy listening!

À bientôt,


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  1. Remy · April 20, 2015

    I think that would truly be a “pardon my French” situation hehe

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