“Il faut casser le noyau pour avoir l’amande.”

Bonjour et bienvenue! I’m starting this blog to keep myself accountable in my quest to become fluent in French, and also to share with others who may be working towards the same goal!

In my hunt for the perfect blog name, I came across the above quote which satisfied my needs perfectly: “You have to break the shell to have the almond.” I took my first French class when I was fourteen, continued through high school, and then into college — but only long enough to fulfill the third semester requirement. While I loved learning the rudiments of the language and reading about France’s history and culture, the more advanced grammar came less naturally to me and I found myself struggling to keep up. (It was freshmen year of college after all, and admittedly, I was more focused on beach parties than verb conjugations…) Still, I liked the idea of learning languages so I took first and second semester Italian, and then Spanish, each time relishing in the new sounds and access to another culture, but also regretting that my studies weren’t delving deeper into said cultures.

The regret has stayed with me three years later! A travel show junkie, I dream of living abroad and speaking another language fluently. Finally, I decided, THIS YEAR IS THE YEAR! 2015. We are cracking that nasty shell and getting to that sweet almond of fluency! And then because it’s French, we’ll make almond flour and macarons. Mmm!

Okay, so, I’ll be keeping track of everything I review and learn here! I don’t know if you can actually become fluent in a year from afar, but I certainly have a few personal goals towards that end in mind. Follow if you want to learn with me and please do comment and say hello! I would love to have input, feedback, and make online friends to share notes with.

À bientôt!



  1. noshistoiresnotrelangue · March 27, 2015

    Good luck Zena! When do you hear about the TAPIF? I’ve heard it’s a great experience.


    • casserlenoyau · March 27, 2015

      Thank you! I’m applying this upcoming Fall so won’t know anything until next spring! TAPIF is one of those things I always thought I might like to do but would forget about until a week before the application was due and by then I’d think “Oh well, no time to get recommendation letters and language evaluations taken care of.” So this year I want to finally apply and gave myself plenty of time to prep! I’ll certainly be reading your blog to practice reading French! Merci!

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  2. J. Snowe · March 29, 2015

    Bonne chance Zena, looking forward to see how things progress! If you’re looking for some background listening, I’ve always got talk shows in some random language playing on TuneIn (tunein.com) while I study!


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